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valentine's day
valentine’s day

Adventure in a hot air balloon will take you over the desert on valentine’s day.

Want a new perspective on Dubai? Select a hot air balloon excursion to float 4,000 feet over the Arabian dunes and make your valentine’s day special. Balloon Expeditions Passengers on a unique flying trip in Dubai get to share the sky (and basket) with falcons. This is a first for the world.

You’ll be in good hands as you soar over the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve because we are the city’s oldest hot air balloon company and we employ top-notch pilots with more than 60 years of flying expertise. The journey begins at dawn, followed by a tranquil hour-long flight that makes the early rising worthwhile.

Sunbathing with Balloon Adventures Dubai for a day

You’ll be treated to breathtaking vistas of the sweeping red sand dunes, rising sun, grazing gazelles, and beautiful Hajar Mountains, depending on which way the desert air blows. Once you land, the experience doesn’t end; you’ll continue it by riding in an open-top 1950s Land Rover to a fantastic brunch, where you can relax and indulge in real goodies.

Pick from a range of packages that are perfect for a memorable family vacation, a corporate celebration, or a romantic get-together. The excursion can be tailored with a private charter that includes an in-flight falcon display for those who wish to give it a more authentically Bedouin feel.

Attracted to the desert? On a luxurious trip, stay the night in the dunes with Platinum Heritage.


Whether it’s your first or 31st Valentine’s Day together, make it special and unforgettable with a romantic journey you’ll never forget!

Get a head start on the day by having your committed Conservation Guide pick you up in a private vehicle from the city. Feel the anticipation grow as you approach the desert as our colourful balloons inflate and the skies light up with a Valentine-themed drone show. Enjoy watching the sunrise while letting your love soar and float 4000 feet in the air. The sunlight will undoubtedly ignite your romance.


Before the sun rises, we will pick you up from your hotel and drive you the short 45 minutes to the desert take-off spot. When you get at your location, you will be greeted with Arabic coffee and provided with comfortable cushions as soft morning lights begin to adorn the Arabian sky. Before starting your hot air balloon journey, get ready to see a free drone display that will fill the skies with love.


You will gather around your basket as your pilot starts the thrilling process of inflation after getting to know your pilot and going through a brief safety briefing. As soon as you get inside the basket, you’ll be pleasantly floating off the ground and rising towards the sky.


The landing is one of the most thrilling parts of hot air ballooning! Every time you land, it will be a new adventure because it will be different and in a different place depending on the winds.
A few minutes before the balloon touches down, the pilot will search the vast desert for a good landing spot and alert you that it is time to fasten your seatbelts and assume the landing position. Your balloon might collapse. Half the fun is in that! You can shoot pictures in the desert where we land and watch as our other balloons land simultaneously. Get transported to the following stage of the quest, where your vintage Land Rover is waiting!


There is yet more to the journey! Prepare yourself for a quick journey through the tranquil dunes to a magnificent oasis in a Royal desert retreat after your once-in-a-lifetime encounter of the desert from above. If you’re fortunate, you could even see some local wildlife along the route!

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