The popular app voip service has been acquired by UAE-based Astra Tech, which will also bring new features including food and shopping delivery.

voip service

Astra Tech (Astra), a technology development company based in the UAE. It has purchased Botim (Voice over Internet Protocol) service provider Botim. It was revealed on Thursday that the business intends to redesign it as a “ultra app” and relaunch it.

While voip service is being redeveloped

Its present features, including free calling, will still function.

The $500 million in funding support, spearheaded by G42, is hastening the relaunch and “meeting the region’s everyday needs.”



Botim, a platform well-known for providing free audio and video conversations, will change into a “multifaceted conversational commerce app.” Access to a variety of goods and services, including fintech, remittances, peer-to-peer money transfers, bill payments, government services, pharmacies, retail, food delivery, groceries, and more, will be made easier for users. Currently, it provides free calls, money transfers within the UAE, local and international phone recharges and bill payments, group chats and calls, desktop access for chats and calls, games, and other services.


It will have product additions and feature enhancements once it is relaunched. The goal will be to increase the number of users while encouraging the current clientele to try new services. “New look and feel to it from a design viewpoint,” the app will feature.

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