The famed Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure not just in Dubai but also the entire world, is one of many ultramodern skyscrapers in the opulent places to visit in dubai for free in city of Dubai. The idea that Dubai was built in the middle of a desert is actually a little difficult to accept. Dubai has its own traditions and culture.

places to visit in dubai for free
Best places to visit in dubai for free

Actually, many people from many nations consider it their second home. Everyone is drawn there to explore and advance their careers since it is a country of opportunity. Due to the numerous attractions, Dubai attracts a lot of travellers. Dubai, a luxurious location, also provides some free activities for travellers.

Top free indoor places to visit in dubai for free

1) Alserkal Avenue, first

For all art aficionados, it provides an exceptional experience unlike any other. Inside the Al Quoz industrial district, it is Dubai’s centre for arts and culture. There are 30 creative community spaces, 15 premier galleries of contemporary art, photo, design, and music studios, a foundation, and a private museum. Within a 250,000 square foot area, Alserkal Avenue is home to a riot of cultural institutions and art galleries, as well as a number of intriguing exhibits.

2) Kids Play Center in Motor City

Searching for a secure setting where young children and toddlers can use creativity to improve their health? If so, you’re in the right place. Soft play areas allow parents relax while simultaneously ensuring the security of children. They make special efforts to maintain the children’s play area neater and cleaner during this outbreak.

3) Bur Dubai Great Mosque

The Grand Mosque is situated in one of the city’s historic districts. Guests are welcome between 9:00 and 11:30 p.m. There will be guides on hand to explain everything there is to know about the mosque. They will enlighten visitors from all around the world on Dubai’s Islamic culture. Understanding Dubai’s culture and traditions will be beneficial.

4) Viewing Area for the Flamingo Hide

Actually, seeing so many flamingos at once will be a beautiful experience. The setting is ideal for animal lovers. Flamingos can be seen up close from here. If you pass up this fantastic opportunity while in Dubai, it would be a huge loss.

5) Jameel Arts Center

The Jameel Arts Centre in the city features exhibition space, a library, and an outdoor amphitheatre. One of the best locations to go in Dubai to foster creativity is this. To find out more about the sessions that are currently being held at the centre, simply keep an eye on the event page on their website.

6) Coffee Museum

The Coffee Museum is another museum in the Al Fahidi neighbourhood that is included on this list of free indoor kid-friendly attractions in Dubai. Here, kids may learn about the evolution of coffee, the many roasting and cooking techniques employed in the past, and catch a glimpse of some antiquities. Also, there is a coffee shop where you can get something to eat.

7) Dubai Aquarium 

Dubai Aquarium would be a terrific place to keep your kids pleased if they are fans of aquatic life. The aquarium offers the ideal vantage position to view all the magnificent aquatic species there, whether it be sharks or stingrays. This aquarium will be a superb experience if you are intrigued about what is displayed underwater because it might give you the impression that you are underwater.

8) The Dubai Mall’s Dubai Dino

Want to see a gorgeous animal that lived during the Jurassic era? Then check out the Dubai Dino tour of dinosaurs in the Dubai Mall. It consists of the remains of a female Diplodocus longus dinosaur, which has been extinct for 155 million years and is distinguished by its long neck. Your children will be overjoyed to see Dubai Dino if they enjoy the dinosaur movie.

9) Coin Gallery

The Coinage Museum in the Al Fahidi Historic Neighborhoods is the next stop on the list, where you can bring your kids. More than 470 pieces of rare coins from various historical eras are on display in the Coin Museum. All of them are put in unique display cases that let you see the coin’s two sides and information about that time period. A great destination if you’re seeking for both educative and entertaining activities for your children.

10) The previous Library

To provide information for upcoming generations, libraries are necessary. Your kids can learn and enjoy stories here. To draw children, other activities are also carried out.

11) Al Fahidi Historic District 

One of Dubai’s oldest neighbourhoods is this one. It accurately depicts the historical structures and gives Dubai’s diverse customs their foundation.

12) Heritage House

The house, which was built in 1890, has been modified and improved by the owners who have owned it. This home truly embodies the historic design of the emirate. Do not skip this location if you are in Dubai.

13) Toy stores in Dubai

It is only used during gaming sessions. It will provide a child their first opportunity to play with the toy they want to purchase. Due to the abundance of toys, these locations may seem like nirvana to youngsters.

14)Adventure Zone 

One of Dubai’s oldest neighbourhoods is this one. It accurately depicts the historical structures and gives Dubai’s diverse customs their foundation.

12) Heritage House 

The house, which was built in 1890, has been modified and improved by the owners who have owned it. This home truly embodies the historic design of the emirate. Do not skip this location if you are in Dubai.

13) Toy stores in Dubai

It is only used during gaming sessions. It will provide a child their first opportunity to play with the toy they want to purchase. Due to the abundance of toys, these locations may seem like nirvana to youngsters.

14) Adventure Zone 

With a variety of activities such a skate park, pump track, trampoline park, zip line, and boulder wall, it welcomes visitors. It features a decent, secure indoor facility that adventure seekers can enjoy. It is the ideal adventure park for individuals, families, groups, and special events because licenced instructors are available for all fitness levels.

15) Al Oqaili Museum 

The poet Mubarak bin Hamad bin Mubarak Al Manea Al Oqaili, who emigrated from Saudi Arabia and lived between the years of 1875 and 1954, is the owner of the establishment. This museum served as a memorial to him. Here, with his writing desk and pen, on paper, is some of his original, handwritten collection. It aids younger individuals in learning more about his works and Gulf culture.

There are a tonne more free indoor attractions in Dubai. Dubai’s primary source of income is tourism. So, they make every effort to draw visitors to the area. There are other other places to see in Dubai that discuss its ethnic culture and advancements. You can take a break from your busy life by taking a trip to Dubai, which can renew your spirit. In Dubai, you will undoubtedly be enthralled by talent.

In the summer, Dubai is really warm. as in really hot.

I bet you’ll be seeking for things that can be done Indoors over Dubai’s warmest months of the year, whether you’re an expat resident, a tourist, or someone hoping to travel through or take advantage of cheaper summer pricing.

We have experienced a decade of UAE summers (OK, I won’t lie; we usually travel abroad for at least a portion of the summer to escape the heat!) Nonetheless, we have devoted a LOT of time to getting to know Dubai’s top indoor activities during the summer, which can last from April to October.

Dubai’s Top Indoor places to visit in dubai for free

These are the best tourist destinations and indoor activities in the United Arab Emirates that you can still visit throughout the city even during the height of summer.

  • The Dubai Frame* in Zabeel Park offers breathtaking views as well as interactive exhibits on Dubai’s past and present.
  • In addition to a fantastic production roster that includes everything from comedies and children’s stage shows to timeless musicals, Dubai Opera also offers architectural tours.
  • Learn more about the nation’s recent history and the process of unification at the Etihad Museum.
  • The most amazing new museum in Dubai, the Museum of the Future, focuses on technology and the future.
  • The View at the Palm is a 360-degree indoor observatory in the middle of Palm Jumeirah that offers breathtaking views of the nearby cities.
  • One of the most renowned theatrical productions in Al Habtoor City is La Perle * – nighttime extravaganza by Dragone.

Must Visit Lost Chambers Aquarium 

  • Go into the Lost City and embark on a Myth Tour at the sprawling Atlantis the Palm complex’s Lost Chambers Aquarium.
  • A whole day of heart-pounding enjoyment can be had at the completely indoor action theme park IMG Worlds of Adventure*, which is located outside of Dubai.
  • Visit the Museum of Illusions, located along the Al Seef Waterfront, to escape the heat and take advantage of the entertaining optical illusions on display.
  • The world-famous waxworks museum Madam Tussauds Dubai made its premiere in Dubai this winter; you can find it on Bluewaters Island, beneath Ain Dubai (which remains closed over summer 2022 so left off our list).
  • Motiongate*, a facility that is a part of the Dubai Parks & Resorts complex, is NOT totally indoors, but a large portion of the park, in especially the Dreamworks studios, IS indoors, so we wouldn’t recommend leaving it off your list of summertime attractions.

Would you like to experience a glass slide with a view of Downtown Dubai at Skyviews Dubai? This ultimate urban glass observatory is only for the brave and is completely instagrammable!

If yes then Hit the comment section!! we will get back to fulfill your desire soon 🙂

The best shopping in Dubai

The main shopping malls in Dubai are where most of the indoor activity takes place. Dubai malls are crammed full of indoor food & entertainment options as well as retail therapy.

Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall

Many of Dubai’s top indoor attractions are located in one of the biggest malls in the world, which is still bustling with activity during the summer. There are so many things to do here that you could easily stay a few days without becoming bored. Our favourite Dubai Mall attractions are as follows:

  • Floors 124 and 125 of the “At The Top” Burj Khalifa Viewing Deck* (prior reservations are required). The Dubai Mall basement level serves as the entryway.
  • You may observe the largest suspended tank in the world from within the Mall for free, or visit the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo* for a variety of engaging encounters with aquatic life.
  • Kidzania Dubai* is a realistic village where children “work” to earn Kidzos, which they can then use to buy exciting things to do.
  • A virtual reality theme park is PlayDXB* (formerly known as VR Park).
  • A delightful indoor ice skating rink with Olympic-sized dimensions is the Dubai Ice Rink*.
  • Don’t miss the magnificent Dubai Waterfall, which is free, and reserve a seat inside a restaurant for the daily Dubai Fountain performances.
  • The Infinity des Lumiere, a leader in regional digital art, hosts a number of shows every year.
    Our comprehensive kids’ guide to Dubai Mall includes the enormous Hamleys store, The Toy Store in the basement, the Dubai Mall dinosaur, and plenty of other FREE indoor entertainment options.

Dubai Indoors places to visit in dubai for Older Children & Sports Fans

Check out these entertaining indoor activities and games in Dubai during the hottest summer months:

  • The indoor urban play area Adventure Parx & Café offers climbing, ropes, and challenging activities for younger kids.
  • Climbing walls, ropes courses, and other active indoor entertainment are available in Dubai at Adventure Zone by Adventure HQ, a sports store turned indoor adventure playground with locations in Times Square and the Galleria Mall.
  • Inflatable indoor play area called Air Maniax. Take on warrior assault courses, laser frenzy, and a zip-line ride at this enormous amusement complex in Al Quoz, which offers much more than just trampolines.
  • Nerf gun galactic combat game, Astro Blasters (within Magic Planet, Mall of the Emirates).
  • Bouldering at Rock Republic is a fantastic total-body workout at this purpose-built bouldering location in Dubai Business Park, which is 400 square metres.
  • Dubai Autodrome offers laser tag and karting.
  • The largest indoor swimming pool in the world for free dives and scuba diving to depths of up to 60 metres is called Deep Dive Dubai.
  • The Dubai Bowling Centre in Al Quoz offers traditional bowling entertainment as well as much more. It also has a gaming area and a trampoline park called JumpUP.
  • The Dubai World Trade Center’s exposition halls are taken over by the annual summer event known as Dubai Sports World.

Highway 66 is best for Sports Fans

  • Mini bowling lanes in City Centre Deira are located on Route Highway 66.
  • With more than 120 trampolines, Jump Boxx is an indoor trampoline park in Dubai’s Uptown Mirdiff Mall.
  • Over 60 bouldering and 70 climbing routes are available at Mountain Extreme in the Business Bay neighbourhood.
  • One of the largest soft play areas in the city, Ready Set Go!, is located in Al Quoz and features trampolines for pretend play for children of all ages with a jungle theme.
  • Blue Wave’s Splash Island is an indoor water play area in Al Quoz.
  • The Walk in JBR offers the indoor adventure game TEPFactor*, which has 21 challenges to complete.
  • thejamjar is a centre for creativity and craft on Alserkal Avenue in Al Quoz.
  • Tr88house is a sizable indoor family entertainment complex including soft play, Mystic Golf, Laser Rush, and interactive games, as well as a dining area for families, located on Bluewaters Island.

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