The selected Development of the Month entry for April 2022 is Safa One by damac properties dubai. Safa Park’s (Al Safa) magnificent two-tower complex gives stunning views of Sheikh Zayed Road and the Dubai Canal.

This future project, which is branded by Swiss designers De Grisogono, has surely attracted the interest of investors and homebuyers.

Would you like to know more about the different property kinds and financing options? What you should know is as follows.

damac properties dubai

SAFA ONE by damac properties dubai

The location that “redefines the bounds of luxury” is touted as Safa One. Giving those phrases genuine meaning are the lobby’s gemstone accents, a stunning De Grisogono emerald neckpiece, and an external design that has never been done before.
This Safa Park development strives to meld the beauty of nature and the elegance of a DAMAC home thanks to its setting and magnificent structure.

The amenities offered by this opulent housing development are distinctive. For instance, indoor rainforests are not likely to be found in many structures. That’s accurate. Before reaching the entrance to the two towers, you can take in the diverse flora and animals. If this hanging garden seems to be a figment of your imagination, don’t be alarmed.

The two pools at DAMAC Safa One de GRISOGONO will also have artificial beaches, which will enhance the quality of life there. You can relax and enjoy a regal feast without leaving the property thanks to the on-site spa and restaurants.
Another thing to be amazed with is the rooftop environment. At specific moments during the day, the amazing climate-control technology creates tropical rain, making it a pleasant experience.


With hanging gardens, residents will enjoy all the benefits of a tropical lifestyle. In reality, you may enjoy your meals in cafés and restaurants while listening to birds chirping on isles in the backdrop and well-kept gardens. Tower An urban tropical island with waterfalls, rare bird and plant species, and a crown will be present.
The breathtaking exterior design was meticulously created to display a blend of sophistication, modernism, and elegance. The apartment interiors match that quality and beauty. For instance, there are several gemstones throughout the triple-height lobby (emeralds and diamonds).

There are luxury and super-luxury floors in this two-tower building. Also, choose between a luxurious 1-bedroom apartment in Tower B or a 2- or 3-bedroom suite with a private splash pool in Tower A. Safa From one end, residents can see the World Islands and Bulgari Island, and from the other, they can see the Burj Al Arab, the Palm Jumeirah, and Atlantis, The Palm.


Safa One residents can take advantage of some wonderful features in addition to the standard amenities offered by apartment buildings throughout the city. The list consists of:

  • upscale clubhouse
  • fully stocked gym
  • rooftop spa with rainforest
  • Two different beaches pools


This welcoming neighbourhood for families provides flats, villas, and townhouses and is home to the magnificent Safa Park. It is a vibrant neighbourhood with easy access to Kite Beach, Sheikh Zayed Road (E311), Al Wasl, and Downtown Dubai. Al Safa is also crossed by the Dubai Water Canal.

Residents can readily find attractions, groceries, and medical facilities in the neighbourhood thanks to thoughtful planning. In a similar vein, parents do not need to stress about locating respectable schools for their children nearby.


DAMAC Properties doesn’t require an introduction to people who live in Dubai. With numerous award-winning commercial and residential buildings in its portfolio, it has played a crucial part in revolutionising the real estate sector since 2002. The business is well-established not just in the UAE but also in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Lebanon, Canada, Jordan, and the Maldives.

Through partnerships with some of the most prestigious lifestyle and fashion brands in the world, DAMAC Properties has transformed the sector beyond all recognition. There is more to DAMAC Property homes than just basic concrete. Instead, each has a unique narrative to share. Safa One is just one more incredible addition to the list.



Near the Safa One towers, parents may want to think about the following schools.

  • Al Itthad College (5 mins)
  • British School at Safa (10 mins)
  • International School of Horizon (10 mins)
  • English University (15 mins)
  • Private School JSS (20 mins)


See our list of activities in Safa Park. From specific children’s play areas to sports facilities, there is a lot to choose from.

Our review of the Safa One apartments in Dubai comes to a close now. As is typical of de GRISOGONO, the villa will provide utmost luxury. Safa One’s distinctive style will certainly make it one of the city’s most recognisable residential structures once it is finished.

It might be time to declare your involvement formally given the project’s rapid progress. Even if you subsequently decide to sell it off, you’ll still make a lot of money.

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