Kan Cicekleri Episode 49 with English Subtitles

Kan Cicekleri Episode 49 with English Subtitles.Blood Flowers 49th episode trailer has arrived. Blood Flowers will continue to be broadcast on Channel 7 screens with its new episode on Friday, March 3rd. In the last episode of Blood Flowers, we emphasized that Baran’s feelings towards Dilan have changed. Step by step, Baran and Dilan get closer. What will happen in the 49th episode of Blood Flowers?

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The Blood Flowers series continues with its new episodes. Blood Flowers 49th episode trailer has arrived! What happened in the last episode of Blood Flowers, what will happen in the new episode? The details in the summary of the 49th episode of Blood Flowers are in our news…

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The Blood Flowers series keeps the excitement going strong. Derya observed that despite Dilan leaving the mansion, the situation was ineffective. Dilan was irritated by Baran’s constant presence by his side. Derya desires Dilan’s demise. Dilan is in a challenging circumstance! Eyes rolling, Derya said. To kill Dilan, Derya formally hired a hitman.

Kan Cicekleri Episode 49 English Subtitles

Between Dilan and the shooter, there will be a protracted chase.Derya works to be near to Dilan and support her in order to prevent Dilan from returning home. He plays the part of a shadow to ensure that he doesn’t leave the two alone as long as he doesn’t go ill or go hungry.

Derya squeezes the vein of Dilan. Baran makes a mistake in this instance. He thinks Dilan hurt his father on purpose. Dilan pursues Baran once more and makes an effort to speak the truth to him. Baran maintains he doesn’t comprehend.

Before he can hurt Dilan, the hired man Derya hired flees. The baron expands. Dilan wants to feel safe since she is terrified of the man who is after her. Baran begins a watch next to Dilan because he is unable to take him home. So, no matter what Derya does, she is unable to separate the two and must instead reunite them.

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