Dubai boasts numerous gems in its crown, including the tallest skyscraper, hotel, biggest water feature and shortly, the highest Ferris wheel. And now, within the next ten years, the global metropolis plans to rank among the most cutting-edge, futuristic cities on the planet. According to the Dubai Innovation Index Report, the city outperformed Berlin, Madrid, and Shanghai to place 14th out of 30 global cities. Dubai’s innovation ranking improved by 6% between 2015 and 2016 and by 3% this year.

The Dubai 10X initiative, which seeks to transform Dubai into the “world’s biggest lab” and position. Although, its major government entities 10 years ahead of the rest of the world, is at the centre of this ambitious, far-reaching plan for the future of the entire city.

We’ve gathered some of the most fascinating projects that will undoubtedly drastically alter how this cutting-edge metropolis appears in the future. What can you anticipate in your community during the next ten years?


Modern technology for increased security


Diverse technologies in Dubai aim to make the city safer and more secure due to its rapidly growing population. In the Dubai 10X initiative, Dubai Police put out their ground-breaking “Police without police officers” idea, which uses sustainable technology to keep communities secure without taxing the resources of the governing body. Without deploying actual police officers to monitor the area, the objective is to keep houses, towns, and neighbourhoods under control. Moreover, the city’s goal to provide a safe and secure environment for residents and visitors is all the more important considering the speed at which commercial and residential structures are being built in Dubai.


Smart Dog: A 360-degree CCTV camera with wi-fi capabilities that can send footage straight to the home’s owner or to the police operations centre.
the deployment of an aerial surveillance blimp to keep an eye on open areas and building sites.

Construction of conventional police stations is no longer necessary because to “Station in Patrol.”


The Digital DEWA project, the “world’s first automated, artificial intelligence-powered renewable energy digital utility,” is about to be launched by Dubai Water & Electricity Authority (DEWA). Also, the ambitious initiative will revolutionise service providers’ operating processes by becoming the first autonomous, renewable-energy utility that provides AI-powered digital services.

The Digital DEWA initiative will thus be supported by four fundamental pillars:

Dubai Solar pillar:

A continuously operating water and energy provider that is powered by the sun. Solar to electricity, solar to thermal, and solar to chemical make up its three sub-initiatives.

A multi-tech, large-scale integrated energy storage solution for household and utility-scale applications is the energy storage pillar.

Services with autonomy (Rammas/AI): use of artificial intelligence throughout the whole value chain to boost efficiency and improve the customer experience.

Data Hub: To promote the digital agenda of the area, a futuristic platform named MORO is delivering cutting-edge colocation, cloud computing, and managed business services.


The first vertical farm in the area, Badia Farms began producing in December 2017. And is leading the “green revolution” with cutting-edge technology and novel agricultural practises.

The farm produces pest-free leafy greens without the use of sunshine, soil. Or, pesticides by utilising the most recent hydroponic technology in a controlled indoor setting. Moreover, as part of the UAE Vision 2021 initiative to make the nation more environmentally friendly. Badia Farms recycles the water it does use and consumes 90% less water than conventional open-field farming. The carbon impact associated with importing food is also significantly decreased. A variety of lettuce, microgreen, and baby-leaf herb types are now produced by Badia Farms.

Vertically planting native plants conserves space and benefits the environment. Look into green living walls and eco-friendly home improvement projects.

DUBAI Government Sectors Will Be Transformed by Blockchain-Enabled Platforms

There are various blockchain-driven efforts that will alter the way we do things. In addition to using high-tech, cutting-edge innovation techniques to address security and sustainability in Dubai.



Dubai Art Bank is a virtual blockchain-enabled art trading platform that accepts bitcoin transactions. It is suggested as part of Dubai Culture’s 10X plan. The concept of disrupting the established modes of purchasing and selling art and digitising the procedure in order to increase employment opportunities in the arts industry and increase public accessibility to art.



RTA’s Dubai Vehicle Chain is a vehicle lifecycle management system that will debut in 2020. And track a vehicle’s whole history from manufacture to the junkyard. This will give purchasers and sellers a clear record. That, they can use to track the status of the car throughout its lifespan and enhance the ownership experience. The Dubai Vehicle Chain will be the first official platform in the world to provide a trustworthy source of vehicle history data once it is finished.


By offering a blockchain-enabled learning platform for Dubai residents. Citizens to not only develop their skill set but also have it recognised with a validated certificate, Smart University, described as the 10X project by Smart Dubai. Dubai seeks to close the digital skills gap in the market. The goal is to leverage technology to boost the pool of individuals with a digital aptitude. Promote the shift towards innovation, and transform Dubai into a “Smart City.”

These projects are so promising because they will undoubtedly have an impact on both the economy and way of life. One is left to worry about Dubai’s future as so much innovation—including all of the aforementioned developments—take place.

I suppose all we can do is wait and see.

Although, looking for more information about innovation in Dubai? Learn more about the future of Dubai while you’re here. And observe how the UAE is setting the standard for sustainable growth.

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