With over 200 different nationalities living and working in the city, Dubai’s diverse communities are reflected in. And, served by its world-class Dubai education institutions, which provide a range of curricula and programmes.

Dubai education


Public schools, private schools, and higher education institutions are the three divisions of the UAE’s educational system. However, over the past 50 years, the educational landscape has undergone enormous transformation nationwide, evolving from a few dispersed institutions to a comprehensive educational system.
However, Private schools continue to be preferred by foreign parents due to the variety of programmes they provide, even though public schools use the local curriculum set forth by the Ministry of Education.

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is the government organization in Dubai education in charge of the expansion and quality control of private education.

To develop a high-quality education sector with a happiness and wellbeing focus, KHDA helps government partners, schools, universities, parents, students, instructors, and investors.

Basically, Schools in Dubai earn AED 8.45 billion in annual sales, demonstrating the market’s steady expansion.

There are currently 148 private schools operating in Dubai, with 363,643 seats. With 16 various curricula currently being offered by internationally renowned operators, the city’s educational system is always getting better.

The US curriculum is applied in 38 schools, followed by 85 schools that teach the UK curriculum. Indian curricula and the International Baccalaureate (IB), which are taught in 34 and 16 schools respectively, are in third and fourth place.

The top five nationalities of teachers now employed in Dubai schools are India, the UK, Egypt, the Philippines, and Ireland, demonstrating the enormous diversity of the teaching workforce in Dubai.


Dubai education

Dubai checks all the boxes for academic trailblazers and visionaries when it comes to higher education.

People from all over the world come to Dubai to study. Because, it offers a high standard of living, access to the largest number of prestigious international colleges. And, a wide range of housing options. But, they also come because it is a rich ground for potential and future empowerment.

Although, Dubai’s position as a knowledge-based economy is bolstered by the city’s hosting of over 60 internationally renowned university campuses. Also, the most of any city in the world. This number is made possible by the government’s strategic vision and investment.
Whether you’re headed to a comparable campus inside Dubai Knowledge Park. Or, a top-tier university or college outside in Dubai International Academic City. Monthly studio rental for students on a tight budget starts at US$450. Other reasonably priced options can be found in convenient locations close to well-known educational hubs.

Moreover, Dubai is the preferred location for high-profile multinationals looking to boost their career prospects. Because, it is a world leader in innovation, a hyperconnected business hub, and a melting pot of cultures. International universities in Dubai offer a wealth of courses designed for forward-thinking leaders of the future, from disruptive technologies to business qualifications to art and literary creative programmes.

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