Why take a standard selfie at the mall when you can climb to the top fly high of a building and capture pictures looking down on Downtown Dubai?

fly high

Ever wanted to take a memorable photo of yourself swinging in front of Dubai’s gorgeous skyline? Try the Address Skyviews Observatory’s Edgewalk activity next. The Dubai Destinations campaign’s ultimate bucket list, which includes it properly as one of the activities, was recently unveiled.

Skyview’s Observatory

The Address Sky views Observatory, located in the downtown area near to The Dubai Mall and offering a variety of entertainment. nd dining options, has established itself as a solid favourite among visitors and locals.

The hotel provides many packages, from the Edge   walk experience, a trip to the observatory that includes a ride down the Glass Slide, to several dining options, including afternoon tea. It also offers stunning views over the Sheikh Zayed Road, Downtown Dubai, and the surrounding surroundings.

Observation Point

Team KT was taken past a security checkpoint and the elevator to the 53rd level when we arrived early for our 4 o’clock appointment for the Edge walk adventure.

lockers for our luggage

We received lockers for our luggage once we arrived. The attendant told us, “Our next stroll will be at 4.45pm”. Although, You can explore the observatory and return in time for that, I promise.

First visit of Glass Slide

Our first visit while waiting for our turn was the Glass Slide. From level 53 to level 52, riders can take a thrilling slide down a clear tube on the tower’s outside. Those, who can manage to keep their eyes open throughout this adrenaline-pumping adventure will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the city.

Glass Walk

We went to the Glass Walk, one of the city’s most Instagrammable locations, after the slide. Maybe, visitors seen sitting, standing. And, lying down on the glass here as they posed for pictures from various perspectives. It was a pleasure to observe the bustling traffic, crisscrossing Metro trains, and the lovely city below as I crossed the 46-meter glass floor.
The vista was so breathtaking that we were unable to keep track of the passing minutes, spent well over an hour taking pictures, and missed our 4.45pm walk. The cost of admission to the observatory is Dh85 for adults and Dh70 for kids under the age of 12.

The experience with Edgewalk

The Edgewalk experience, which costs Dh504, is the city’s tallest hands-free full-circle walk on a ledge without windows or other safety obstacles blocking the participant’s view of the sky.

It is the ideal place for thrill-seekers to take some priceless pictures because it is located over 219.5 metres above the ground. The admission ticket also grants access to the observatory and a trip down the glass slide.

At 5.30 p.m., we were dressed in safety gear and prepared for the adventure. The six of us were led into the prep room and outfitted in black overalls, helmets, and security pouches that held our phones. There, we were fastened to the safety equipment.
Instructor Billy said, “You don’t need to be concerned. We are in Dubai. The safety measures are all of the highest calibre. I’ll demonstrate how to swing from the edge of the ledge while standing on your tiptoes. There is, however, zero pressure. You are not required to do anything if you don’t feel comfortable.

Majestic Burj Khalifa

The majestic Burj Khalifa appears as the door opens, and we all leave in a straight line. Also, the chilly breeze flies in our faces. Some of the attendees were in awe with the city’s splendour.

Aya, who is standing next to us, leans as far out as she can and feels the wind on her face. I really like this, she exclaimed.

The visitor from Lebanon came to see her father, who works here. Her friend Zainab took a tentative step onto the brink next to her.
One of the finest aspects of my profession, according to Billy, is seeing individuals conquer their fears. Making even a small difference in their lives feels wonderful. The Filipino national, who has been employed at the Skyview Observatory. Since, it opened in 2022, makes at least 25 laps around the structure each day.

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