The $2,5 billion donation from Two S Holding will go towards the global healthcare platform Nano Cures.

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A member of the sovereign and royal wealth network of the UAE ruling family, Two S Holding, has committed $2.5 billion in equity investment in the Abu Dhabi-based global healthcare solutions technology company Nano Cures International Ltd.

A technology-based, patient-centered healthcare platform created by Nano will revolutionise the way healthcare is delivered, how new treatments and devices are created, how early disease detection and treatment are and how having access to personal health information empowers people.

Two S Holding Sole Proprietorship LLC is the name of the family office that Sheikha Salam bint Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan chairs. Sheikha Salama’s father is Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, a former deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the late Sheikh who is regarded as the father of the United Arab Emirates, may have been a member of her family tree. She is the first niece of President His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Sheikha Salama

“After careful consideration and learning more about Nano’s long-term future growth strategy, as well as with great admiration for Nano, it was clear that supporting Nano with this strategic investment was the right move. for the senior management team,” said Sheikha Salama.

“This investment demonstrates our dedication to the Ministry of Health’s aim to provide innovative, comprehensive, proactive, and digitally-based health services to all facets of the community. These objectives are anticipated to be achieved through Nano’s cutting-edge technologies and data-driven platform, which will ultimately lead to longer, healthier, and more productive lives for people in our country and around the world.”

Prior to receiving this commitment, John Paul DeJoria and other key private investors provided the majority of Nano’s funding. DeJoria is a well-known Giving Pledge signatory who is an American businessman and philanthropist.

Together with several other companies, he co-founded Paul Mitchell Systems and The Patrón Spirits Company, which was acquired by Bacardi in 2018. In 2008, he travelled to sub-Saharan Africa with Nelson Mandela to assist in feeding 17,000 orphaned youngsters thanks to his support of Food4Africa.


Despite significant improvements in certain medical subspecialties, healthcare as a whole has let us down by not keeping up with all the innovation that is happening around it. To stay up with today’s always-on culture, a brand-new platform that makes use of the most recent developments in big data, connectivity, artificial intelligence, genomics, and healthcare is urgently required. Because of this promise, DeJoria and other important investors are committed to Nano’s success.

A novel chip technology for portable devices that detects airborne, surface-borne, and blood-borne diseases is being developed by Nano, the top semiconductor design company in the world by analysing biometric, chemical, and genomic signatures using artificial intelligence.

The Al Nahyan family is a shareholder in Arm Holdings as a result of Mubadala’s longstanding participation in the Softbank Vision Fund. Arm plans to undertake an initial public offering in the US later this year.

Opulence Capital Management

“The capital commitment for Two S’s is being facilitated by the UAE-based Opulence Capital Management (OCM), which has long-supervised numerous large-scale projects in the Middle East Holding and accelerating the regional and global adoption of the Nano Cures platform. This capital infusion “also makes Nano an important part of Arm’s expansion plans” as Arm prepares for an IPO later this year.”

The UAE-based Opulence Capital Management (OCM), which has long overseen multiple large-scale projects in the Middle East, is facilitating the capital commitment for Two S’s. OCM has also supported Nano’s early growth and development in the area.

“According to Alexander Vanderhey, chairman of OCM, “This huge opportunity to restructure the basic core of healthcare was clear to us from the outset.” We are happy that this purchase has led to the continued adoption. And growth of the Nano Cures platform throughout the region. OCM has carried on the great traditions of network partners like Two S Holding, Mubadala, ADIA, ADQ. And others who have carried out the mandate to transform the UAE and establish the Middle East as a global technology leader. After the inauguration of the UAE’s new president, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. We look forward to promoting the country’s objectives by making investments in complementary technologies that will benefit the UAE and global healthcare.”


The ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED GHC is a forward-thinking diagnostic organization. That offers healthcare professionals the crucial data they need to precisely diagnose, treat. And monitor patients in hospital, reference, and physician office laboratories and point-of-care settings.

GHC is a forward-thinking diagnostic firm that offers healthcare professionals the crucial data. They need to precisely diagnose, treat, and monitor patients in hospital, reference, physician office. And point-of-care laboratory settings.

Workflow is streamlined, operational efficiency is increased, and patient outcomes are supported by our most recent technology, which combines performance-driven solutions with individualised customer service. GHC is able to offer their consumers a valuable relationship and perks because to their committed and motivated staff.

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By paying attention to clients and comprehending their demands, we are able to continuously improve and adapt our systematic, customer-centered approach to product creation. We develop innovative products and solutions in close collaboration with laboratories, physicians, and hospital administrators. Our products and solutions are reshaping and altering diagnostics, enhancing clinical results, and ultimately enhancing patient care.

The goal of global healthcare solutions is to be a top provider of diagnostic and life science research goods that is renowned for its unmatched customer service and satisfaction. GHC aims to become a reputable supplier in the creation and promotion of life science products in the Pakistan region by concentrating on highly technical products.

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FAQS about Global Health Care

Meaning of global healthcare solutions

According to Alexander Vanderhey, chairman of OCM, “This huge opportunity to restructure the basic core of healthcare was clear to us from the outset.” We are happy that this purchase has led to the continued adoption. And growth of the Nano Cures platform throughout the region. OCM has carried on the great traditions of network partners. Like Two S Holding, Mubadala, ADIA, ADQ, and others who have carried out the mandate to transform the UAE. And establish the Middle East as a global technology leader.

What fundamental ideas govern global health?

A blend of population-based preventive and individual-level clinical care, global health emphasises transnational health challenges, determinants, and remedies. It involves many disciplines both inside and outside the health sciences and fosters inter-disciplinary collaboration. Both Bonita and Beaglehole.

What are a few illustrations of world health?

  • The six global health problems listed below serve as an overview of this broad field.
  • Environmental considerations. Pandemics.
  • Health care access and economic inequities.
  • Political aspects.
  • illnesses that are not contagious.
  • animal health, food supply, and food sourcing.
  • Is global health a reputable business?

Is GlobalHealth a desirable employer?

3.6 out of 5 stars have been given to GlobalHealth overall based on more than 53 employee reviews.

What is the largest market for healthcare globally?

North America dominated health care services in 2022. The market for healthcare services’ second-largest area was Western Europe.

Who provides the most funding for global healthcare solutions initiatives?

The American government

The U.S. Government is the largest donor to global health in the world, providing funding for both population- and disease-specific initiatives. Such as maternal and child health, nutrition, family planning, and reproductive health). As well as global health (HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, and neglected tropical diseases.

What divisions make up global health?

  • health issues
  • Virus-based illnesses.
  • health development and research.
  • maternal wellbeing.
  • Nutrition.
  • illnesses that are not contagious.
  • lifestyle illnesses.
  • Health are the biggest cause.
  • women’s sex violence.

What medical system is the best?

Hawaii has the best healthcare in the country. Also, it boasts the best health outcomes in the nation, with low rates of obesity, diabetes mortality, and avoidable death (47 per 100,000). Nonetheless, the state has a poor accessibility rating.

Who utilises global healthcare solutions the most?

In the US, white people spend more on health care than persons of other racial and ethnic groupings. Overall, White Americans spend substantially more on their entire health than persons of other races. And ethnicities do in the United States.

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