One of Dubai’s most identifiable monuments and a popular tourist destination is The Burj Khalifa. It is a marvel to behold due to its vast size and magnificent shape. Along, with luxurious flats, the skyscraper is where some of Dubai’s top eateries are located. Any of these fantastic Burj Khalifa restaurants might enrich your experience if you soon want to visit the famous tower.


Burj Khalifa's restaurants

Burj Khalifa’s restaurants list:

The Burj Khalifa is one of Dubai’s most well-known structures. The tower is not just the highest structure in the world; it also houses apartments. A dream comes true when you live in the Burj Khalifa. The breathtaking scenery, lavish amenities, and sumptuous furniture make living here well worth the price.

The many upscale restaurants that the tower is renowned for are easily accessible to the inhabitants who live in the most opulent address in the city. The Burj Khalifa restaurants do allow guests to make reservations nevertheless. Apart from At.mosphere, the majority of the restaurants are housed within the upscale Armani Hotel, which is also a component of the structure.


Take your significant other to At.mosphere if you want to make a lasting impression. At.mosphere is one of the world’s tallest restaurants thanks to its placement on the towering Burj’s 122nd story, earning it a spot on our list of the top restaurants in Downtown Dubai with a view of the Dubai Fountain. Moreover, after a city tour, it’s the ideal place to stop for breakfast, light lunches, and dinner thanks to its wide range of selections.

In addition to the standard offerings, At.mosphere patrons have the option of High Tea. There are three delicious choices available. Additionally, savoury treats like exquisite roasts and seasonally appropriate veggies may be served with your selection. There is also a delectable selection of sweets, including classic favourites and superb pastries.

Thanks to their regular Secret Ladies Night, Tuesdays at At.mosphere are ideal for female visitors. From 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., it is held in the restaurant’s lounge area and features unlimited drinks and music by acclaimed DJs for a starting price of AED 250.

Entertaining clients for work?

The restaurant’s private dining room, which has seating for 16 people and offers a variety of classic and fusion food, is ideal for the occasion.

Need to reserve a table? Get ready to indulge. At.mosphere is one of the priciest restaurants in Dubai because of the outstanding cuisine and a posh location. Ready to spend up to 900 AED for two.

Typical price for two: (without alcohol) AED 900 | (for a pint of beer) AED 55
Timing: Morning coffee in the clouds is from 7:00 am to 9:00 am; afternoon tea is from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm; and dinner is from 5:00 pm to 2:00 am.
Call us at +971-4-888-3828.


The Atmosphere of restaurant is particularly well-liked. As a result, if you are unable to get a reservation there, you may always go to one of the following fantastic eateries in the Armani Hotel in Burj Khalifa:


At Armani Ristorante, savour the greatest cuisine and top-notch wines. The restaurant concentrates in traditional Italian fare and offers dishes like risotto tartufo and a number of appetisers. In addition to meals made with beef, Ristorante also serves lovely fish dishes. Also, this restaurant has it all, including customised service, a degustation-style cuisine, and suggestions from an on-site sommelier. Moreover, the breathtaking views of the Dubai Fountain from the terrace merely add to the many benefits of visiting Armani Ristorante.

Customer should be in a formal wear according to the rigorous dress code of restaurant.

Location: Armani Hotel’s lobby floor
Lunch will serve from 12:30 to 3:00 and dinner is served from 6:00 to 11:00.
Call us at +971-4-888-3666.


On the concourse floor of the Armani Hotel, this restaurant is another one of the Burj Khalifa’s excellent dining establishments. Japanese food is the main attraction of this establishment, which also offers outdoor eating options with views of The Dubai Fountain and the Downtown Dubai cityscape.

The seafood dishes on the menu at this Armani restaurant at the Burj Khalifa are made using fish that is freshly caught all over the world. Not a lover of seafood? No issue. Additionally, there are meat-based items on the menu such Tajima Wagyu Robatayaki, Wagyu Karubi, Yakitori, and Yaki Mame.

Location: Armani Hotel, Ground Floor, Dubai
Price: AED 620 (without alcohol) or AED 40 (with a pint of beer) is the average cost for two.
Hours: Dinner is served from 6:30 to 11:30 p.m. (Saturday and Sunday are closed).
Call us at +971-4-888-3666.


The first kosher-certified restaurant in the UAE is this one. The location for the pop-up supper is on the hotel’s first level. For the Jewish Sabbath, the restaurant also provides a special takeout menu.

Location: Armani Hotel, Concourse Floor, Dubai
Timing: AED 400 is the typical cost for two (without alcohol).
Hours: Dinner is served from 6:30 to 11:30 p.m. (Closed on Mondays)
Call us at +971-4-888-3666.

Armentino Armani

At Armani Mediterraneo, delectable Mediterranean food is available all day long. Choose from the delectable breakfast buffet or the à la carte options created by talented chefs.

Location: Armani Hotel Dubai’s lobby floor, within the Burj Khalifa
Budget: AED 480 is the average price for two.
Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Call us at +971-4-888-3666.


The Armani Deli is another Burj Khalifa restaurant highly recommended for culinary enthusiasts. Also, you may choose from a lavish selection of fresh foods, have lunch, or even indulge in a lavish Friday brunch. The Italian restaurant offers everything, including the finest European cheeses and traditional charcuterie.

Location: Ground level of the Armani Hotel in the Burj Khalifa
Budget: AED 375 (without alcohol) for two people; AED 40 for a pint of beer
Call us at +971-4-888-3666.


Are you trying to find an Indian restaurant at the Burj Khalifa? Check out Armani Amal. Visitors may enjoy witnessing unique curries. While, the other specialties produced at the table in addition to a variety of Indian food. In addition, Armani Amal, one of Downtown Dubai’s premier fine dining establishments, offers guests breathtaking views of the city.

Location: Third Floor of the Arman Hotel in Dubai
Hours: 630 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. (Sundays closed)
Budget: AED 600 for two (without alcohol) vs. A pint of beer costs 42 AED.
Call us at +971-4-888-3666.



All visitors to eateries inside the Burj Khalifa are required to dress suitably.


The At the Top and At the Top Sky, Burj Khalifa observation decks offer the greatest and most popular views of the famous structure. Also, the first is a balcony on the 125th level.


Particularly during the UAE’s vacation seasons, people enjoy dining at the Burj Khalifa eateries. Reserve your booking in advance for the Burj khalifa dining.


The Burj Khalifa is located in Downtown Dubai, one of the most famous places in the city.

Finally, all we have to say about Burj Khalifa eateries is that. Stay tuned to Almokafih for further information on the top entertainment venues in the UAE.

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