The highest structure in the world is the clear answer. The Burj Khalifa, often known as Burj Dubai, is one of the most exclusive and sought-after residences in the world. Dubai is well known for housing the Burj Khalifa and other significant structures.

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 In the centre of Downtown, often known as the “Centre of Now,” stands this enormous skyscraper. It is a prominent landmark in Dubai and a popular tourist destination. Whether it’s a public holiday or a major international event, the Burj Khalifa is the main draw. Most significantly, tourists from all over the world come here to take in the spectacular festivities, fountain performances, and fireworks.

Emaar Properties is the company that built the Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai. After excavation started on January 6, 2004, the skyscraper was finished and made public on January 4, 2010, just under six years later. While, it is the tallest tower in the world is filled with opulent amenities and entertaining activities for locals and visitors alike.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s creation was designed with the idea of enhancing Dubai’s steadily rising reputation as a well-liked tourism destination by adding this skyscraper to that goal. With that objective accomplished, the Burj Khalifa is situated in Downtown Dubai, the busiest tourist area of the city, which is also home to the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Fountain, the Dubai Opera, and many other attractions.



The Burj Khalifa is an architectural wonder, but there’s always more to it. The obvious temperature difference, which is thought to be 6°C cooler at the top than the base, is another astounding aspect of the tower’s height. The Burj Khalifa is three times taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris and twice as tall as the Empire State Building in the United States. More than a fifth of the surface of the world would be covered if the skyscraper’s constituent pieces were laid out end to end. Also,the Burj Khalifa’s price tag of USD $1.5 billion is another important consideration. Within the first year after the start of operations, the full investment was repaid.


The highest building in the world is centrally positioned in Downtown Dubai.

  • One of the well-known Dubai sights
  • Standing tall at 2,716.5 feet and 163 stories above the earth, it broke the record for the most storeys.
  • studios, apartments, and opulent penthouses are available.
  • The residential wing is where nearly 900 flats are located.
  • 304 rooms make up the first Armani Hotel in the world here.
  • Accessibility to important locations, such as DIFC


Dubai’s Burj Khalifa serves as the neighborhood’s focal point and creates a tangible link between the tower and the surrounding area. Downtown Dubai is a multicultural area that mixes the finest of Arab and Western cultures and offers something for everyone. Many apartment buildings and villas for sale are located close to the Burj Khalifa’s construction site.

Community overview

By acting as an anchor for Downtown Dubai, the Burj Khalifa, Dubai forges a real connection between the skyscraper and the neighbourhood. Downtown Dubai is a diverse neighbourhood that combines the finest of the Arab and Western cultures and has something to offer everyone. Moreover, around the Burj Khalifa’s location, the neighbourhood is home to a large number of residential apartment complexes and villas.

With over 22 million business hours clocked in and over 12,000 individuals working at any given time during construction, the massive tower is referred to as a “vertical metropolis.” The name is absolutely appropriate given the building’s scale and opulent mixed-use amenities. Given that it can hold at least 10,000 people at a time and up to 35,000 people inside the structure alone, it deserving of its rank. There are 2,957 parking spots, 304 hotel rooms, and 900 residences in the Burj Khalifa.

Record label: BURJ KHALIFA

  • tallest structure on earth
  • world’s tallest free-standing building
  • 163 is the most floors in the globe.
  • World’s highest occupied floor
  • best outdoor observation deck in the sky
  • The longest distance travelled in an elevator
  • world’s tallest service elevator
  • The second-highest pool in the world is located on the 76th floor.
  • The tallest art gallery in the world features commissioned pieces by over 85 artists.
  • The three largest self-jacking cranes in the world, each capable of lifting 25 tonnes, were used in the construction of the Burj Khalifa.


A variety of rental units are available. These buildings offer an unobstructed view of the Dubai skyline. The Burj Khalifa’s apartments are divided into studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom flats. Rent trends range from AED 80k to AED 350k annually. On average, renting a studio at the Burj Khalifa would set you back AED 81,000. These apartments may have a total square footage of 546 square feet, which is a lot for a studio.


The Burj Khalifa’s 1-bedroom apartment prices range from AED 90k to AED 175k annually. You can also choose a two-bedroom apartment for rent with prices between AED 140k and AED 250k.

Depending on the unit type, the sale trend for flats in the Burj Khalifa runs between AED 1.5M and AED 5M. Burj Khalifa studios start at AED 1.25 million, and 1-bedroom flats can be purchased for as little as AED 1.8 million.

If you’re considering the larger, two-bedroom apartments for sale in the Burj Khalifa, they can range in price from AED 2 million to AED 9.5 million and measure between 1,700 square feet and 2,000 square feet. For about AED 5.6M, buyers of 3-bedroom flats in the Burj Khalifa should budget. While, a few units of 4-bedroom flats with a similar built-up area cost about AED 4.4M, these apartments have a built-up area of approximately 2,333 square feet.

Depending on the unit type, the average price for a Burj Khalifa apartment ranges from AED 1.5 million to AED 5 million. In the Burj Khalifa, one can purchase studio apartments for at least AED 1.25M, while one-bedroom apartments can be purchased for as little as AED 1.8M.

If you’re considering buying one of the larger 2-bedroom flats in Burj Khalifa, they can range in price from AED 2M to AED 9.5M and measure between 1,700 sq. ft. and 2,000 sq. ft. Prepare to spend about AED 5.6M if you want to purchase a three-bedroom apartment in the Burj Khalifa. These apartments are approximately 2,333 square feet in size, while a few 4-bedroom residences with a comparable built-up space cost about AED 4.4 million.


There are plenty of opulent suites in the building and the neighbourhood, whether you’re planning a vacation for work, pleasure, or both. Hotels have been crucial in drawing visitors from all over the world to this tourist hotspot. A handful of Dubai’s most opulent hotels can be found inside or close to the skyscraper with a short drive across the town. The hotels in and around Burj Khalifa are listed below.

  • Boulevard Armani
  • Hotel Dubai Vida
  • Downtown Address

Armani Hotel Dubai

One of the project’s included hotels is the well-known instagramable Armani Hotel Dubai. It is the first hotel that Giorgio Armani himself designed. Giorgio Armani didn’t want guests to feel like they were entering their personal space, therefore the hotel doesn’t have a lobby or check-in desk. The hotel has 160 elegant suites spread across 11 storeys. The Armani Classic Room, Armani Deluxe Room, and Armani Premium Suite are available to guests.

Vida Downtown

On Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Boulevard is Vida Downtown. With easy access to the mall, it is one of the top boutique hotels in Dubai. There are Boulevard Suites with two bedrooms, Junior Suites, Deluxe Rooms, and Premier Suites. For board meetings, there are 4 conference rooms available. However, four restaurants, including 3in1, Stage 2, La Serre, and Vida Food Truck, are also available to visitors at Vida Downtown Dubai.

Address Boulevard

Next, the Address Boulevard, one of Dubai’s premier five-star hotels, is situated in the city’s thriving Downtown area. This hotel has 72 stories, 196 guest rooms, 36 opulent suites, a business center for holding meetings and corporate gatherings, and more. Additionally, the hotel has three swimming pools with breathtaking views of the Burj Khalifa.


Downtown Dubai is very accommodating to those who use public transportation. The Dubai Mall/Burj Khalifa Metro Station is a stop on the city’s widely used Dubai Metro system. Emaar Square and other well-known sites are further connected by this. The F13 bus, which has stops all along Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Boulevard, also runs between the station and Downtown.

Since, the neighbourhood is the city’s tourism hub, cabs are always easy to get there.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard-based Dubai Trolley is a recent addition. The world’s first hydrogen-powered trolley, it shuttles commuters to and from neighbourhood hotspots.



The sizable Waitrose supermarket is located inside the enormous Dubai Mall. The typical amenities of a grocery, bakery, and pharmacy are there. There are two more stores in Dubai Mall that carry groceries and essential household goods. For, individuals who don’t want to enter the mall, there is a Spinneys Supermarket store in Burj Views, close to Emaar Residences and Al Maya Supermarket.  Also, they contain more little grocery stores and mini-marts in the district.


According to Emaar, the tower does not contain a mosque. However, local Muslims have easy access to a few in the area. The neighbouring Al Ghafoor Mosque constructed in typical Emirati fashion. Its central hall can accommodate 673 worshippers, and its outer hall can hold 33 worshippers at once.  Space for 86 worshippers in the special section designated for women in burj khalifa.

It is simple to go to practically every section of the city, including churches in Jebel Ali Village, thanks to Downtown Dubai’s strategic location. Emirates Baptist Church is about 15 minutes away, while St.

Mary’s Catholic Church is 20 minutes away by car. The distance between the Buddhist and Hindu temples is only 15 minutes by automobile.


The largest outpatient medical institution in Dubai, the MediClinic at the Dubai Mall, uses the most cutting-edge methods of diagnosis and treatment. The mall and the surrounding area are both full of pharmacies. The metro link’s Marina drugstore even provides home delivery.


The DIFC Dubai, Al Quoz, Business Bay, and Jumeirah is around Downtown Dubai . From the well-known residential neighbourhood of Al Quoz, the Burj Khalifa is easily accessible by taking the E11 highway. It is simple to access Sheikh Zayed Road and travel to Al Safa, Umm Suqeim, and other locations. Old Dubai and Oud Mehta are also rather close.


Why, go somewhere else when Dubai’s best mall is just a short elevator trip away? With more than 1,300 retail locations, including Galeries Lafayette and Bloomingdale’s as its two anchor department shops, it serves the requirements of both locals and visitors alike. Dubai now has 150 additional luxury shopping alternatives thanks to a new Fashion Avenue extension. Additionally, the Dubai Mall has top-notch food, entertainment, and recreational options. A lots of activities can do in the mall. And Ekart Zabeel deserves to mentioned because of the regular updates.

There are numerous choices available to guests at the Armani Hotel. The hotel has a number of award-winning restaurants serving a wide variety of specialty foods from around the globe. You may find delicious Japanese cuisine at Armani/Hashi, traditional fine-dining Italian cuisine at Armani/Ristorante, and Indian cuisine at Armani/Amal.

If not, you may always visit one of the upscale cafes, pubs, or restaurants in Dubai Mall.. Check out the incredible selection of cafés in Dubai Mall if you like an espresso shot, some savouries, and sweets with a cup of coffee.

At last, the Armani Hotel offers a variety of choices to its visitors. With a wide variety of specialty cuisines from around the world, the hotel has a number of award-winning restaurants. You should visit Armani/Hashi for delicious Japanese cuisine, Armani/Ristorante for authentic fine-dining Italian cuisine, and Armani/Amal for delicious Indian cuisine.

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