As more and more expat families move to Dubai, there is an increasing demand of affordable homes for rent.

The city makes for an alluring destination to reside thanks to its tax-free income, increased earning potential, and high level of living.If you’re looking for affordable homes in Dubai, check out our list of the best neighbourhoods to rent villas in.

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Based on user search statistics from Bayut, Mirdif is Dubai’s most well-liked neighbourhood for finding cheap villas to rent. The environmentally friendly DAMAC Hills 2 development comes next (formerly known as Akoya Oxygen).


Mirdif is at the top of our list of popular neighbourhoods in Dubai with inexpensive villas for rent. The enormous Mushrif Park is located in the neighbourhood, which also provides inhabitants with easy access to Dubai International Airport.

The neighbourhood has a wide range of facilities, including hospitals, supermarkets, entertainment centres, and dining options. Another aspect that makes Mirdif the ideal area in Dubai to locate inexpensive villa rentals is the variety of villa architecture. It is simple to find a villa arrangement that best suits your needs.

  • In Mirdif, a three-bedroom home typically costs AED 90,000.
  • For 4 and 5-bed villas, the average rental cost rises to AED 115k and AED 124k, respectively.


The second most well-liked neighbourhood in Dubai with inexpensive rental villas is DAMAC Hills 2, a master development by the Dubailand-based DAMAC Properties. It was one of the first green residential addresses in the emirate and was formerly known as Akoya Oxygen. The environmentally friendly neighbourhood is built around a golf course with stunning scenery. Four main motorways connect it to the rest of the emirate, making commuting for private vehicle owners relatively trouble-free.
Numerous facilities are available at DAMAC Hill 2, including cafes, schools, fitness clubs, gyms, hospitals, shopping centres, and restaurants. Perhaps the fact that it is a pet-friendly region is one of the exciting reasons it ranks highly on the list of places to rent inexpensive villas in Dubai. Yes, DAMAC Hills 2 villas are perfect if you have a pet in your family.

  • AED 59k is the typical monthly rent for a 3-bedroom property in DAMAC Hills 2.
  • The average rent for a 4-bed property increases to AED 82k.
  • A 5-bed property will cost, on average, AED 95k for renters to use.


Serena is a relatively new neighbourhood in Dubai that has excellent access to the city’s major neighbourhoods via Emirates Road (E611) and Al Qudra Road (D63). Bella Casa, Casa Viva, and Casa Dora are three of the subcommunities that make up this Dubai Properties villa neighbourhood. Schools, nurseries, supermarkets, retail centres, and hospitals are all within or close to the community.

Many of the city’s entertainment hotspots, such as Dubai Miracle Garden, Arabian Ranches Golf Club, and Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club, are conveniently accessible to Serena residents. Additionally, the region has a number of parks and fitness centres.

  • An average 3-bed apartment in Serena costs AED 110k.


Town Square is another big residential area in Dubai that offers reasonably priced homes. Close to Al Qudra Road is where this Nshama Group project is located. The abundance of green spaces in the neighbourhood is largely responsible for Town Square’s attraction. There are other possibilities for family-friendly entertainment.

  • Rent for a nearby 3-bed house costs AED 109k.
  • A 4-bed house in Town Square, in contrast, normally rents for AED 132k per month.


Nakheel’s International City completes our list of the best districts in Dubai with inexpensive villas available for rent. The residential properties in this region reflect the area’s global architectural influences, as suggested by its name.

For instance, the themes of the residential apartments are inspired by the architecture of England, Russia, China, Spain, Greece, and the United Arab Emirates.

One of the more cost-effective neighbourhoods in the city in terms of rent is International City. Due of its atmosphere that is welcoming to families, the neighbourhood is particularly popular with foreign tenants. Academic City, Dubai Safari Park, and Dragon Mart are easily accessible to locals.

  • The cost of the three-bedroom villas in International City is AED 89k.



Affordably priced 3, 4, and 5-bed villas for rent may be found in Dubai Industrial Park, Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), Dubai South, and Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT).

All in all, the emirate’s family-friendly neighbourhoods provide affordable rental villas in Dubai. Small families can easily and affordably rent out their own apartment in any of these neighbourhoods. However, there are some situations where you will need to spend more money. Communities with private pools and villas, for instance, are opulent choices in Dubai.

Whatever type of residence you select, the Dubai rental legislation safeguards your rights as a renter. For instance, it gives you the choice to file an RERA rent complaint in order to resolve any issues.

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